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Are Gay Men Scared to be Camp? (from pinknews)

Hm. It makes me think I perhaps ought to not let J be the only camp one of our colleagues. I know he and I are the only ones who are even prone to it, and I toned mine down severely considering my lifestyle before I settled down here.

I think I'm going to consult my favourite fashion experts and start dressing better.
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If I weren't gay, I would propose to this woman. <3

There's even a send up to us rogues! :D
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So, you think that the only genders that exist fall into two categories, and that intersexed, genderqueer, androgynous and other 'grey area' genders should just quit whining because it really isn't a big deal?

During Spirit Week? Really? You dare to put up the colours and fly the flag, when you're going to treat those arguably in most need of support like this? And then you put up such crass and tasteless arguments that one wonders what gilded rock you've been under the past ten years.

Are you telling me my most cherished sibling, who's saved countless lives, doesn't exist? Or worse, that It* isn't valid as a human being because It doesn't conform to what you think? You know who else has that kind of thinking? The people who think intersexed children should undergo sex assignment surgery at birth just so they'll conform to 'one or the other'; the people who think denying transgendered and intersexed people work, shelter, medical attention, safety and food is perfectly acceptable; the people who beat, murder and rape transgendered and intersexed people just for being the gender they are.

Deviant art, hm? I guess we know what kind of deviants you are, now.

*My elder sibling prefers capitalised It, by Its own admission.
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Celebrate, my fruity little friends. Wear green carnations and read daring fiction, go see a play by the Wit of the World or better yet, read De Profundis or The Soul of Man Under Socialism. See Wilde, read any of Mr Stephen Fry's very excellent treatises on the subject of Oscar, or better yet buy (oh yes, I just said to buy something) his new recordings of Oscar Wilde's short stories.

Most importantly, my loves, celebrate by loving, living, laughing, being generous of heart and spirit, and appreciating the absurd beauty of life. There is no better way to honour Oscar Wilde.

Personally, I am going to celebrate by writing in his honour.

Thank Yous

Sep. 21st, 2009 05:04 pm
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It seems my theme has been accepted for wide use by the moderators. I'm very grateful, and will continue working on new ones.
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It be Talk Like a Pirate Day, me hearties, and apart from holidays about the walkin' dead and Hallowe'en, this be my favourite holiday. I hope ye be celebratin' in true pirate fashion.


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